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Case Studies

I leverage more than 25 years of experience in the life sciences sector

to support your goals--

early clinical through commercial stages

Speed simplified

My client sought a simplified approach to add cell collection capacity in the clinical stages and reach more patients on commercialization. I used my diverse experience in health system integration, clinical operations, quality systems, and implementation research to develop a standard set of tools, supporting technical assessments, quality audits, and patient navigational aids.  This enabled my client to add capacity faster through a standardized process.  I accelerated speed to market, enabling faster patient accrual during the clinical trials and better patient access to treatment after commercialization.

Scale up & scale out

My client needed to develop a robust launch strategy to increase geographical coverage.  I developed an innovative plan to increase patient accrual and manage risks throughout the development lifecycle, from late-stage clinical phases to commercialization in anticipate of approval.  This involved teaming with clinical operations, quality systems, technical operations, and medical liaisons to assure a comprehensive growth plan inclusive of execution tactics for sales operations.  I helped my client to transition efficiently throughout the developmental lifecycle, leading to timely product approval.

Commercial readiness

When my client approached the commercial stages, they needed to prepare their team. I conducted a leadership readiness assessment and developed a program to fill the gaps.  This involved training and educational programming for multiple internal audiences including the sales force, technical operations, medical liaisons, and executive leadership teams to assure readiness for launch so that the team could engage new providers cohesively and confidently.  My model leveraged the existing workforce and built capacity for compliant commercialization supporting provider engagement and patient access.

Ecosystem navigation

My client found that their novel therapy needed unique facilitating resources to integrate their treatment into the health system.  I used my health system experience and relationships to access Key Opinion Leaders to gather information.  I created a model that accelerated the translation of their new therapy into treatment pathways across multiple disciplines.  I later worked with a different client to develop a first-in-class certification program to set international workforce competencies.  These strategic actions facilitated clinical adoption and enabled agility in a complex ecosystem.

Due to the sensitive nature of many of my engagements and our strict adherence to confidentiality, names have been withheld.

References are available upon request.

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