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About Linda S Barnes, DrPH, MHA, RAC

Developing life-saving cell and gene therapies can be challenging!

I started at the sharp-end of health care as a phlebotomist drawing blood.

This taught me to appreciate that blood is the gateway to novel insights and emerging treatments that can help humankind.  My natural curiosity led me to move beyond traditional blood therapies to embrace the complexities of emerging biotherapies, including cell and gene therapies, regenerative medicine, and immune effector cell therapies.  From my experience as a specialized oncology hospital administrator, international researcher, and life sciences executive, I learned to navigate the elaborate ecosystem and bring emerging biotherapies to life.

Clients engage me for the most comprehensive thought-leadership in emerging biotherapies, whether it be solving clinical trial challenges or commercial scale-up and scale-out.  My expertise in quality systems, technical operations, and regulatory affairs helps clients achieve their goals through innovative strategies and world-class agility.  As a serial entrepreneur, I understand what it takes to fly against the wind.

Since 2011, my clients have ranged from top-tier biopharmaceutical companies, academic research programs, standard-setting organizations, and start-up ventures. 

From the cutting edge of biotherapies to the bleeding edge of blood transfusion,

you can count on me.

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